TGFfnd, TOGAF 9.1 Foundation

Kursa ilgums, akadēmiskās stundas:24
Kursa cena, EUR (bez PVN):1050,00


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24.februāris - 26.februāris, 2020 RĪGA, Tallinas 4Latviski


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The objectives of this training course are to help participants to learn concepts of TOGAF enterprise architecture framework. 

After training successful completion, participants will be able to

  • Understand the core concepts of TOGAF, such as the Architecture Development Method (ADM), Enterprise Continuum, Architecture Repository
  • Understand  in detail about architecture governance, architecture views, viewpoints, stakeholders, and architecture building blocks
  • Master the guidelines for adapting the ADM Architecture, Maturity Models and Architecture Skills Framework.

Target audience

Enterprise architects, Business architects, IT architects, Application architects, Data architects, Software architects, System architects, Solution architects, Infrastructure architects, Process architects, Product managers, Operational managers. Senior managers.


There are no mandatory prerequisites; however, work experience in business analysis and solutions architecting is recommended.

Training materials

  • Course handouts
  • Course book
  • Sample  test

Certification test

Togaf 9 Level 1 certification exam.

Course outline

1. Understanding the Basic Concepts of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF 9.1 arhitecture framework
2. Examining the Architecture Development Method (ADM) cycle’s phases 

  • Understanding the objectives of ADM phases
  • Adapting ADM phases to your organisation 

3. Understanding and Applying the ADM Guidelines and Techniques
4. Understanding the Concepts of Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholder Communication
5. Understanding and Applying the Concept of Building Blocks as reusable components within TOGAF 
6. Understanding the Key Deliverables of the ADM Cycle, and their Usage  as the Input for Other Phases and as the Outputs that are Consumed by   Stakeholders.
7. Understanding and applying the Concept of the Enterprise Continuum to organize the Content of Enterprise Repositories.
8. Understanding and applying the Technical Reference Model (TRM) and the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference model (III-RM) of TOGAF
9. Understanding importance of Architecture Governance and the ADM within organisation.